Escape rooms offer exactly that: a room, and a great escape. Escape rooms primarily consist of various types of puzzles, but some of them will involve physical challenges, teamwork, and more. It’s rare for an escape room to require you to have outside knowledge of things like trivia, generally speaking as a rule of thumb, they aim to ensure that everything you need to win is located inside of the room.

With thousands of escape rooms opening up around the world, they must be doing something right. Some escapes are better than others, but more often than not, these are businesses that are started by people who are passionate about what they’re doing, who want to give you the best experience possible.

A few things that make escape rooms great are…

Something for everyone: One escape place will likely have at least 2+ different rooms for you to experience, with a variety of themes, and a variety of puzzles for people of all skill levels. Some rooms will have their own difficulty levels that can be changed, in other words you can try the room in hard mode or easy mode. Within a particular room, there will also be a variety of styles of puzzles, and it usually works out where everyone in the group will feel like they’ve contributed in some day.

Unique experience: Even if you’ve played a lot of puzzle board games, computer games involving problem solving and puzzles, and even some of the best board games in this genre, it’s just not the same as the experience of doing a room in person.

Types of Escape Room Games

the real escape the castle
image via world of escapes

In-person escape rooms: This is usually what someone is talking about when they refer to an escape room.

Digital escape rooms: There are a number of computer games, flash games, and similar things that draw on the same mechanics as escape rooms, at least as much as a digital experience could hope to do.

Card and board games: Escape room board games offer the closest at-home experience to “the real thing”. Some of them are simply card games with puzzles on various cards, but some of them have physical components like decoders, envelopes to rip open at certain times, and more.

Here are some of the different mechanics you’ll find in escape rooms:

  • Linear
  • Non-Linear
  • Red Herrings
  • Scavenger Hunts

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