A game shrouded in bluffs and trickery is bound to have several rumors and myths ready on the go.

As of now, every modern poker player has a definite opinion about the game. The problem in such cases is that they consider their knowledge to be the absolute truth, and it is pretty hard to change their view on their suggestion. These instances are quite commonly observed in today’s poker tables.

Playing good Indian Poker stems from having confidence, but that is also a double-edged sword. The losing candidates in Poker constitute 99% of the players, yet they are the ones that claim to have the strangest notions about the game.

Without believing in any solid poker strategy, they take to myths as they consider mother luck never to be in their favor.

Spending considerable time around a table, you hear all sorts of stories and myths surrounding the simple card game. Here are some that you should never dare to indulge in lest you are eager to ruin your poker style.

Must Play every Hand for the Win

Ranking as one of the ridiculous myths out there, it is unnecessary to push for a win with whatever hand you might have. Players in today’s poker use this term a lot, and if you are a good observer, you will notice that it is primarily the average and low-level players who make this statement.

Players who blindly follow this saying end up losing most of their matches. The players start building huge stacks and randomly assume which hand they need to win. It is a sort of calculated play in a game of chance and never works out for the best.

Beginners to this game and even some above-average players get pulled by this strong notion as it is a very positive statement, but it is not. One rule that should overpower this clouded myth is that solids have to be played to have a fighting chance.

Poker is not a game where you demolish everyone. It is a game to analyze and arrange your house and then win slowly. Sadly enough, there is no triumph of the will here as most players would like to think.

It is not Possible to Raise/Fold with Under 12 Blinds

The game of Poker has no limits, whatever the situation might be. Players can do whatever they wish with their cards, and games are won and lost on chances taken with confidence.

In many cases, players consider that the 12 blind stack is the correct territory where you can push/fold, and it is indeed so the majority of times. It is advisable to push in all by yourself and deal with your hand’s equity. Players must acknowledge that it is not an excellent move to fold your cards with a 12-blind stack as it can quickly turn into a disaster.

This does not fuel the myth that you should never raise/fold under 12 blinds. The capability of the player to think outside of the box is what makes the game exciting and lets them discover new avenues in the game. Chances are in abundance everywhere as there is no final say in a game of Poker.

Short Stacks Force People to Commit

This is observed recently in Poker matches where players overhear an excuse of committing early due to short stacks.

No rule in Poker forces a player to take a step that they would not otherwise. It is all in your head whether you want to play the game your way or not. In situations like this, it is the player’s job to play it tight and not let the rivals get the best of them.

Having a short hand is never a threat and is not mentioned anywhere in the game rulebook that you must commit in the given case.

This false notion has been made a myth by the players who have taken it into real consideration because of their misfortunes and incapability to turn the situation and develop their game.  

You Can Only Play Aggressively With A Bigger Stack

This is a follow-up to the earlier myth, and they seem to go hand in hand. As stacking goes, it is evident that all players understand the necessity of having a bigger stack might, in all probability, make the opponents come under tension. Extreme silliness on the part of most players has given birth to the term ‘table captain,’ which is assigned to the player with the majority of stacks.

The truth here is all games differently are individual challenges, thereby making Poker quite different from that cricket or any other sport.

There is no fixed game plan you can follow, and it has been observed that the more players focus on specific hard and fast tactics, the more they are bound to lose the game. Just play with confidence, and don’t be an overreacher.

The best way to play Poker is in free flow. Players have to be quick on their feet and wise in judging their opponent. If one gets eaten up by a certain myth too much, then their play is revealed in the game, and then they are more vulnerable than ever to their rivals.

Myth-making has been a common phenomenon in many games, but Poker, a game in constant flux, has suffered a lot from creating these completely deranged theories of playing. The right player should trust themselves, be confident about their play style, and keep evolving to survive in the world of Poker.