Are you looking to free up some space (for more games), and you aren’t particularly sentimental about holding onto the boxes for your games? While some people are very serious about ensuring their boxes remain in mint condition, other board game collectors are more interested in what’s inside the boxes, especially when there’s a small game with minimal pieces inside of a large box. In some cases, the boxes are jam-packed with components, perfectly organized, and it would be insane to get rid of the box – but if you’ve got some extra board games to get rid of, here’s some information about how to re-use them, other possible uses, and how to find out if your board game boxes are recyclable.

One example is someone who has a relatively small board game collection including Settlers of Catan, and owns a few extra Settles of Catan expansions. You can fit at least a few of them in the main box, even if it’s not all of them. Not everyone is going to want to take up the shelf space for all of the boxes, especially folks who enjoy a more minimalist approach.

In any case, whatever your reason is for wanting to get rid of some of your board games, here’s how to recycle board game boxes.

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The Different Types of Cardboard Used for Board Game Boxes

The two types of cardboard you’ll encounter are corrugated and fiberboard.

Corrugated Cardboard

Corrugated cardboard… is the thicker type of cardboard, made up of two layers with a third layer sandwiched in between them. This is the type of board that’s often used for shipping boxes, large products, pizza delivery, etc.

Note: Did you know that you’re not supposed to recycle pizza or food boxes if they’re greasy or dirty? For example, if your pizza box is greasy, you shouldn’t be recycling it – it messes with things at the recycling plant. If it’s just a small area with a grease stain, you can use scissors to cut that piece off.

It should go without saying that with this in mind, you also shouldn’t recycle board game boxes that are greasy or stained. If yo want to keep your games clean and free from food-based messes, check out these snacks for board game night ideas.


Fiberboard is thinner, this is the type of cardboard you’ll find used for cereal boxes, a lot of smaller product packaging, decks of cards, etc.

Both of these types of cardboard are recyclable. Be aware that in some rare cases, the specifics of what can or cannot be recycled in your hometown, so you may want to double check with your local recycling program but generally speak, you can recycle board game boxes.

But there’s a little more to it…

Things can get a little trickier when it comes to recycling plastics. Board game boxes can have various types of plastic inserts, which may or may not be recyclable in your area. Check the plastic for a small symbol that may be embossed somewhere on the insert, and this symbol will reveal which type of plastic it is, and you can use that information to find out if you can recycle it near you.

Generally speaking, small flexible pieces of plastic like you’d find in a board game box are not suitable to be recycled, as they’re the same material as other types of plastic packaging that generally aren’t able to be recycled – but again – this can vary from city to city, country to country.

In the UK, Hasbro accepts drop-offs of used board games to be recycled.

Also, Some Thoughts on How to Recycle Board Games…

Donate them

Whether you donate them directly to a board game fan in your community or neighborhood, or you donate to a second-hand store, or even to a board game shop that you want to help out, it’s nice to know that your games are going to be appreciated and put to good use.

Re-use them

If you need a way to get rid of some board game boxes and you don’t want to just throw them away, they work great for shipping things, if you’re sending someone a gift, or have to ship something that you’ve sold online. Old game boxes can also work great, in some cases, to ship smaller games inside of, if you ever need to mail someone a board game.

Sell them

If you’re someone who found this site, but isn’t that deeply involved in the hobby of board games, and you have a stash of games that you’re thinking of tossing – you need to know that some of those games could be very valuable. If it was someone else’s collection that you’re dealing with, it’s worth checking the prices of each game first, some can be worth hundreds of dollars.

If this is your own collection, then you probably know what your games are worth, and which games would just end up as one of a hundred other copies at the local thrift store.

Recycle The Board Game Boxes, Toss The Non-Recyclable Parts

And when all else fails, if you just want to toss your board game boxes, you should be a-okay to break down the boxes and put them in with the rest of your recycling bin. You can recycle both types of cardboard that board game boxes are typically made from, just make sure you’re not leaving anything in the boxes – break them down so that they’re flat.