When you’re having people over, and opening up the treasures of your gaming cabinet to share with friends, a good host will often have some snacks on the ready. There are a few things that we think make for the perfect game night snacks, and the criteria is as follows:

Easy to prepare: These are things that you can either prep mostly ahead of time, or run to grab in between turns. Basically, we looked for easy snacks, so you’re not stalling the game, nor missing out on any of the fun.

Not too greasy: You don’t want your treasured games to get all greasy and filthy, but if you serve greasy and messy snacks, you’ve only got yourself to blame.

Relatively healthy-ish: Not all of these snacks are the textbook definition of healthy for every single person, and what’s healthy to one person might not be a healthy choice for someone else. We understand everyone has different dietary needs, and being aware of that makes you an amazing host. We think most people are pretty aware of all of the less healthy snack options like potato chips and candy, so we wanted to bring some different ideas to the table.

Veggies (With or Without Dip)

Okay, okay… a handful of cut-up vegetables, especially without dip, might not be your first thought that springs to mind when we’re talking about snacks for game night,  unless we’re talking about deep fried potatoes.

When you’re hungry enough, the subtle sweetness of a carrot or the refreshing crunch of a cucumber can be a welcome snack. Cherry tomatoes with a little salt and pepper are wonderful, too. You take a tiny little bite out of the cherry tomato, sprinkle a little seasoning on top, and you’re in for a treat.

Space Shakes

Here’s a really delicious treat with no mess, takes half a second to prepare, and it has a wonderful sweetness to it. You can keep it in the fridge, or even keep it in the freezer for more of an ice-creamy type of texture. The main ingredient is just coconut milk, and this is a low-carb option for people who are on a restrictive or ketogenic diet.

It’s super filling thanks to the fat, without gluten, carbs, or any notable amount of sugar. It might be a bit expensive to have these on hand for all of your friends, but if you know somebody is trying to cut out carbs and everyone else is snacking on sweets, your keto friend will absolutely adore you for having one of these on hand.

These were formerly known as “Cave Shakes” but they seem to have rebranded to “Space Shakes“.

Dried Fruits

Dried fruits make a great snack, especially with a big cup of water at your side. I find that eating a handful of dried fruit, followed by a big cup of water, is one of the most filling treats.

Just be careful, because some fruits have quite a bit of sugar, so if you’re aiming for something on the healthier side, it’s easy to end up eating 10 apple’s worth of sugar in the form of dried fruit, so the sugar can catch up. If you’re not worried about sugar, it’s off to the races! Regular fruits can be a bit sticky and stuff like blueberry can easily stain, so if you’re tired of serving orange slices or berries and having to anxiously watch and pray that your friends don’t make a mess of your cards, this is a perfect alternative.

The Rotten Fruit Box is a monthly subscription service that dries out imperfect fruits, to stop them from going to waste. I’m thinking of giving them a try soon, so figured it was worth the mention (But this isn’t an endorsement, yet!)

Seeds & Nuts

From pumpkin seeds, to sunflower seeds, to almonds and cashews… seeds and nuts make delicious, filling snacks. Once again, these are generally pretty good options for people who are looking to avoid carbs and sugar, as long as the nuts and seeds aren’t coated in sugar or glaze.

Note: This is a really important warning, make sure that nobody you plan on playing with has any allergies to nuts. To take it a step further, once you’ve snacked on nuts while playing a board game in your collection, it’s a really good idea to stick a little note inside the box, because the oils from nuts can linger, so if anyone you’re playing with down the road is allergic, this note will remind you that this game could be unsafe for them to play.

Or Just Don’t Eat at the Game Table

Here’s a novel idea. Take a break from the game, or in between games, and have whatever you want to eat. Pizza, chips, tater tots, tendies… The best way to protect your cards from salty fingers and greasy fingerprints is to simply not eat around your games. Take a break, grab a bite, nag everyone to wash their hands, and then you’re all set to game again.

Need some ideas for what to play?

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If you’re looking for something different, just browse around the site, we’ve covered hundreds of board games across a variety of genres and themes. Now, go get some games in and enjoy your favorite board game snacks while you’re at it!