Somebody was visiting the Z-Man Games website and noticed that their website had accidentally leaked the box art for what is presumed to be an upcoming version of Pandemic: Legacy called Season 0.

A redditor who goes by the name arankas posted a screengrab of a listing that had popped up for Pandemic Legacy: Season 0, and here’s what it looked like:

Pandemic Legacy Season 0 Leak
Here’s a screenshot of the accidentally-leaked existence of Season 0 of Pandemic Legacy.

We can’t see much from this other than the very strong hint that this game will soon exist (which has further been confirmed by Z-Man Games who released the teaser trailer below). This appears to be a prequel, of sorts, that will take a look at the events that took place before the previous entries in the Pandemic Legacy series.

As people are staying at home as much as possible, board games like Pandemic in particular have seen a big boost in popularity, so this is good timing for a new entry in the Pandemic series of board games.

Even here at GameHungry, we have noticed a big uptick in people who are looking for board games similar to Pandemic. Of course, others like to use board games to escape from reality for a little bit, and might be more interested in something a little more relaxing like board games about trees, or games that work best in smaller groups like board games for 3 players.

Pandemic Legacy: Season 0 Trailer

The listing has since been removed, but Z-Man must have been close to releasing more information about this game regardless, because shortly after the image was leaked, they had this teaser trailer ready to go and if you’ve ever worked in video production, you know that getting something like this ready usually isn’t something you can just toss out with zero notice.

This may not have been exactly how Z-Man wanted to announce Season 0 of Pandemic, but it definitely created some extra buzz and got people talking, and will surely bring some extra attention to the release of Pandemic Legacy: Season 0. We’ll keep you posted as we learn more about it!

Sometimes, one has to wonder if these “leaks” are even intentional, in order to get people talking. That doesn’t appear to be the case here, but it certainly happens in other industries, so maybe that’s something board game companies will think about in the future. We’ll do our best not to get fooled!

Somebody Accidentally Leaked a Sneak Preview of Pandemic Legacy: Season 0